Whether you’re in need of AC repairs or heater installation, you know one thing for sure: you only want to work with the best HVAC company.

We don’t blame you – it seems as though there are hundreds of HVAC companies out there, but no real way to distinguish between them all. So how can you be sure you’re entrusting your AC repairs to the best professional in your area?

Simple – by using the following tips!

• Look at online reviews: Don’t just look at reviews on the HVAC technician’s website; instead, expand your search to include reviews on third-party sites. These reviews tend to be more realistic, since they’re not cherry-picked by the company.

Take a look at the reviews and see what they have to say – do they comment about the HVAC company’s timeliness? Commitment to the project? Affordability? The more information you find, the more realistic the depiction of what you can expect working with this HVAC company.

• Look for emergency services: The best HVAC company doesn’t just have 9 to 5 hours; this company is available 24/7. After all, your home or office shouldn’t have to go without air conditioning or heating just because your HVAC company is off for the weekend. Keep an eye out for HVAC companies that have emergency phone numbers, as this indicates they’ll be able to come to you anytime, day or night.

• Check if they’re licensed and insured: Don’t work with an HVAC company is they can’t prove that they’re licensed and insured. Otherwise, you could be left holding two bills – one from the HVAC company, and one for damage to your home when those AC repairs eventually fail.

• Look at their products and services: The best HVAC companies should offer a wide range of products and services for various budgets. HVAC companies that seem to try to “push” you into buying a certain product may be trying to meet a certain quota, which is a sign that they’re motivated by something other than your satisfaction.

• Analyze their estimates: You’ll want to work with an HVAC company that comes out to your home to assess your AC repairs before providing you with a free estimate. If an HVAC specialist gives you an estimate over the phone, don’t be surprised when that estimate suddenly skyrockets once they’re on the job.

Use these tips to find the best HVAC company to perform your AC or heat

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